Freedom of faith, conscience and speech

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Fight discrimination

Help for professionals who have experienced discrimination.

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About Freedom2Care


Freedom2Care is a coalition of over 50 organizations organized in 2009 to bring together organizations and individuals who recognize the value of preserving life-honoring principles and historic American civil rights and freedoms.

The Freedom2Care coalition seeks to educate and motivate:

* the public, so that citizens recognize and advocate for their First Amendment freedoms of religion and speech;

* policy makers, so that our leaders recognize and act in accordance with the historic American ideals that undergird life-honoring principles, religious liberty and conscience rights; and

* the medical community, to protect the freedom to adhere to life-affirming standards of medical ethics and to preserve professional judgment and integrity, free from undue political influence.

Imbody, Jonathan - White House.jpgChristian Medical Association Vice President for Government Relations, Jonathan Imbody, serves as Director of Freedom2Care.

Thank you for your interest in these values and in this movement. Please join the coalition, learn more and make your voice heard.

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