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Action button.jpgHealth professionals face lawsuits - HHS transgender reg:

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Fight discrimination

Help for professionals who have experienced discrimination.

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Action Center

baby_image_pregnant_doctor_shutterstock_155725598.jpgSound off! Patients: Tell why you want to choose healthcare in line with your values. Health professionals: Tell about discrimination you've experienced. Click here to share your views and experience.


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Visit the Legislative Action Center to communicate with your lawmakers on pending legislation.
Send a petition--for Patients or for Healthcare Professionals--to the president and your legislators.
Educate Lawmakers
with resources to use in visits, calls and messages.

Report an instance of discrimination and get legal help.

Publish your opinion with a letter to the editor.

Download a handout to share with patients and physicians.

F2C federal registryConsider federal service as a healthcare professional--provide expert counsel, serve on a commission, land a career.

Thank you for taking a stand and making your voice heard!

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