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Easy forumula for a letter to the editor

By Jonathan Imbody, used with permission from Christian Medical Assn. All rights reserved.

C-H-A-S-E formula for letters to the editor:

A. Citation - reference and summarize the targeted article or editorial
B. Headline - state your main point
C. Arguments - present logic, statistics, quotes
D. Solution - present your alternative, call for action if appropriate
E. Exit - end with a memorable parting shot

Tips on Writing Letters to the Editor

Talking Points on Conscience Protections

  1. Without conscience protections, healthcare access for hundreds of thousands of patients nationwide will be threatened and healthcare costs will rise as conscientious professionals and institutions leave medicine.
  2. The conscience clause is a necessary regulation to preserve the exclusive patient-physician relationship. Without it, the government will be able to effectively limit where patients can go for care.
  3. No physician should lose his or her job or be denied a promotion for following conscience and ethical standards such as the patient-protecting Hippocratic Oath.
  4. Americans support the conscience clause. A nationwide survey conducted by The Polling Company, Inc. and completed in April 2009 revealed that 63% support the conscience protection regulation.

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