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Fight discrimination

Help for professionals who have experienced discrimination.

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Send a petition

Speak out to defend conscience rights and moral and ethical standards in health care! Follow these links to send a petition to the president and your legislators:

doctor and patient Petition for use by Patients


Physician female with clipboard Petition for use by Healthcare Professionals


A total of 61,154 individuals previously sent a petition through Freedom2Care urging the President to preserve the only federal regulation protecting conscience rights in health care:

Download file A Healthcare Professionals Petition

Download file A Patients Petition

Download file Petition signers

Since the President chose instead to gut the federal conscience regulation, we are now petitioning legislators (and the President) to enact legislation to insure that life-affirming healthcare professionals will not lose their jobs and privileges because of discrimination, and that life-affirming patients will be able to choose such professionals for their care.


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