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Watch and Listen

Goeglein, Tim at mike.jpg• WAVA radio Washington, DC - (31-minute mark) - listen to interview with Jonathan Imbody by Tim Goeglein, VP Focus on the Family

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• Webcast discussion - watch presentation by Jonathan Imbody at Family Research Council


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• Listen to Point of View national radio interview with Jonathan Imbody



What others are saying about Faith Steps

(Personal endorsements - organizational names provided for identification)

Perkins, Tony.jpg

"Jonathan Imbody is a longtime champion of life, liberty, family, and faith. He is a seasoned veteran of Washington's policy battles and a stout defender of the sanctity of life and the value of every person. That's what made his lecture at FRC so compelling. Based on his new book Faith Steps: Moving toward God through Personal Choice and Public Policy, Jonathan's lecture explained the importance of Christian participation in the public square. Learn why your involvement in public life is so vital, and how we can make arguments persuasively to our needy culture."
--Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council

Goeglein, Tim at mike.jpg"Jonathan Imbody has a jeweler's eye for public policy and he employs a powerful moral imagination to the most important issues of our time."
--Tim Goeglein, Vice President, Focus on the Family


Mancini, Jeanne.JPG"Jonathan Imbody's Faith Steps is incredibly informative, engaging and thorough. It is chock-full of helpful information for anyone interested in public policy--an excellent resource. I am grateful that he took the time to write this very thorough analysis and presentation of the most major issues of our day." --Jeanne Mancini, President, March for Life


Wichterman, Bill2.jpg"In his very readable and engaging book, Jonathan Imbody makes the important and compelling point that truth begets truth, and deception begets deception. As we make good choices about furthering justice and restraining evil, our hearts often soften towards God. I have seen this happen in the realm of public policy when people first become pro-life and then later give their lives to the Lord - just as Bernard Nathanson, the founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League, did. In making one step in faith, the next steps become clearer to us."--Bill Wichterman, former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush in the White House.

Huber, Valerie2.jpg"What a needed and necessary perspective for us all!"
--Valerie Huber, President, ASCEND (formerly National Abstinence Education Association)



McClusky, Tom.jpg"Having seen Jonathan at work, I can personally attest that Faith Steps: Moving toward God through Personal Choice and Public Policy isn't just a book, it is Jonathan's philosophy in all the great work that he does. As the public square gets bolder and bolder in its attempts to quiet voices of faith, now more than ever, we need to be courageous and braver in our interactions--be like Jonathan!"--Tom McClusky, March for Life Action


Donovan, Chuck.jpg

"Faith Steps is an excellent book on our times and the calling of Christians to engage in the truth in the public square. I commend Jonathan for his clarity of thought and charity toward others in our common fight." - Charles A. "Chuck" Donovan, President, Charlotte Lozier Institute



Lightfoot, Diana.jpg

"Faith Steps is a perfect book for our time. The author skillfully describes an overview of the many policy and political ups and downs our country has experienced from a decade-long, inside the arena perspective. Mr. Imbody clearly explains the importance of being educated on, and involved in the current affairs that impact our families and country. He also offers solutions for how we can--and must--take back the high ground. This book is exceptionally well written by a man of great courage, knowledge and commitment."
--Dianna Lightfoot, Carson for America

von Schleppenbach, Jacqueline.jpg"Jonathan's book is an excellent accounting of the crisis in public policy arena that Christians are concerned with today. Saint Pope John Paul said that today's world wants to hear from witnesses, from people who have experienced or seen something first hand because these are the stories that are believable and make an impact on their lives. Faith Steps brings to light the devastating truth of lives impacted by public policy as well as personal accounts of these battles. Thomas Jefferson said that our liberty depends on an informed and educated electorate. I add to that, and one that is convicted by the truth of Christ. This book helps to educate and empower those who are willing to work in the trenches, to protect women and children, family, the conscience rights of health providers, and weak and vulnerable, to name a few. It is both an educational resource and a source of inspiration."
--Jacqueline Halbig von Schleppenbach - former Dir. Communications, US Dept. Health and Human Services

Duggan, Brian.jpg"Jonathan Imbody has written a fabulous book based on his decades of experience in public policy and service to Christians in the public square. I would recommend this book to anyone working in public policy and public affairs, and especially to young people considering a career in that field."
--Brian Duggan, Sr. Dir. Federal Affairs, National Organization for Marriage

Wright, Wendy.jpg"Governing and the politics required to bring citizens together for ethical purposes is a noble endeavor. May it never be said that Christians were a weak link, unwilling to ensure justice for our neighbors--and missing opportunities to serve God. Jonathan Imbody shows how the daunting task of government and politics can build greater faith in God."
--Wendy Wright, former President, Concerned Women for America


Casey, Sam.jpg"I loved the book because it well argues the case for Christians to stay engaged in the public square. Practically speaking, there will be a high cost for doing so but the failure to do so will ultimately be more costly."
--Samuel Casey, Managing Director, Law of Life Project


Rudd, Gene.jpg"A clear, poignant presentation of how to become a person of faith and have that faith transform your life and culture. Well done!"
--Gene Rudd, MD, Sr. VP, Christian Medical Association



Yoest, John.JPG"Imbody outlines a compelling story that we, as part of the Body of Christ, should be actively engaged in all works here on this side of our Heavenly Reward. Including the political process. Yes, we should share the Good News of Jesus and get everyone in the (eternal) Life Boat. But we are also here to do good. A must read."
--Jack Yoest, Clinical Asst. Prof., Catholic U. of America


Brannon, Ashley.jpg"Jonathan is the living version of his book in that he personifies the chapters of Faith Steps on a daily basis. His book shares a Biblical perspective to the key issues of our day, and offers insight on how to approach them with the virtue and courage needed when working in the public and political square. Anyone entering a vocation in public policy or interested in living according to God's Word in the midst of modern-day social issues would benefit from reading this book."
--Ashley Brannon, External Relations, Focus on the Family

Thompson, Donald.jpg

"This is an excellent book for understanding how to put faith into action, and being encouraged to persevere in doing so. Chapter 2 on Worldview is worth the cost of the book by itself! The entire book is well referenced and defended in history, in the Scriptures, and in current events. A must-read for anyone who is serious about living out their faith, or for anyone who is not but should be!"
--Donald F. Thompson, MD, MPH & TM - Director, Global Health Outreach

Smith, Shepherd.jpg"Most manuscripts are a reflection of the author's experiences, but more importantly a reflection of his or her character. Jonathan is a man of God and this book reflects that; he is principled, disciplined, and honest and this book weaves those important characteristics into how policy should be formulated; and lastly, Jonathan is a man of compassion who cares about applying truth in ways that improves the lives of all men and women throughout the world. This is a book you must read."
--Shepherd Smith, President, Institute for Youth Development


Book content

Encouraging and equipping people of faith to engage on controversial issues


ow can we remain true to the core teachings of our faith and winsomely engage others on controversial issues like sex, marriage, abortion, religious freedom, human trafficking and end of life issues?

As aggressive activists and ideologues try to eject persons of faith from the public square, we need to know and hold fast to the truth … and help others choose the path that leads to life, liberty and true happiness.


Engaging others: "People make their own choices; we are simply informing their self-interest. In love and compassion, offering evidence and reason, we simply present the clear choices and draw a line to the benefits or harms likely to result from those choices."

Marriage: "By uprooting and replacing the definition of marriage with a subjective notion based on emotional relationship … no rational parameters remain that would exclude further redefinitions of 'marriage' as between multiple partners, related persons, or even persons and non-persons."

Faith freedom: "While we can take comfort in the companionship of such a 'great cloud of witnesses' who have suffered for the faith, we also must fight for religious freedom while we have the freedom to do so."

Abortion: "Abortion advocates commonly contend that health and safety regulations, such as regulations required of other surgical facilities, would shut down their clinics. What does that tell you about the level of safety women encounter in abortion clinics?"

Worldview: "If we are each making up our own truth, each arriving at different conclusions, what do we do when our individually made-up worldviews conflict? One of two things can happen: coexistence or domination."

­­­Euthanasia: "Then, Xandra says, her father-in-law suddenly cried out. He said, 'I don’t want to die!' Xandra frantically looked to the doctor and at the others in the room. 'But no one was reacting.' Franz died from that second injection, whether he really wanted to or not."

Human trafficking: "The big ideas in our White House meeting agenda included developing a strategy to conduct medical research to establish the links between human trafficking and prostitution, AIDS, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases."

Sex ed: "Totally bereft of any reason to convince teens to wait, 'comprehensive' sex education focuses on trying to merely reduce rather than avoid the harm."

Faith & politics: "Christian engagement in government and policy advocacy offers an opportunity to show skeptics that faith can work in the real world–even in the intensely challenging, often battering world of public policy."

Engaging in culture: "We will seek to understand critically where a work of art, music or literature syncs with God's principles and where it diverges."


"Faith Steps is a perfect book for our time. Mr. Imbody offers solutions for how we can--and must--take back the high ground. This book is exceptionally well written by a man of great courage, knowledge and commitment." – Diana Lightfoot, Advisor, Ben Carson for President

"A clear, poignant presentation of how to become a person of faith and have that faith transform your life and culture." – Gene Rudd, MD, Exec. VP, Christian Medical Association

"The chapter on worldview is worth the cost of the book by itself! A must-read for anyone who is serious about living out their faith." –Col. Donald Thompson, MD, Director, Global Health Outreach


Jonathan Imbody  draws on decades of insider experience in Washington, DC in government relations and communications. He directs the 30,000-strong Freedom2Care coalition on freedom of faith, conscience and speech. He is also VP for Govt. Relations for the Christian Medical Association. His commentaries are frequently featured in USA Today, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and other national media.

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