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Fight discrimination

Help for professionals who have experienced discrimination.

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Below you can read personal stories and views submitted by individuals like you. To share your own views or experience, follow this link: Share my views and experience. If you know a friend with a story, or to share these stories with others, please relay this page's link using a share button above. You can also download more Download file Real life stories

As an Gynecolist I strongly object to being involved in procedures that I morally cannot participate in!!!! Also as alifelong Democrat am very very angry that our religious beliefs are being negated ... Read More

John M.
sewickley, pa.

I worked for the Ms. State Dept. of Health for 2 years. Birth Control is handed out routinely for free to the same faces that return pregnant to sign up for the WIC program. i once was in the clinic ... Read More

Maria G.
horn lake, ms

My views concerning the controversial contraception mandate, because I am very Pro-Life, will appear very negative to those who are in favor of passing such a clause. I, for one, refuse to purchase any ... Read More

June V.
Bridgeport, Connecticut

As a physician anesthesiologist at a large medical center in the mid-Atlantic region, I received a directive from our chairman that members in our department who would not assist in abortions were obligated ... Read More

Roger F.
Altadena, California

I am a third year medical student at the University of Toledo College of Medicine (UTCOM.) I have recently finished my OB/GYN clerkship at The Toledo Hospital inpatient and outpatient. My story of discrimination ... Read More

Nathan M.
Toledo, OH

I work in urgent care and am concerned I could be put in a position where a patient would want me to prescribe the "morning after" pill. I checked on our hospital's policy through the emergency room to ... Read More

Steven H.
Waukesha, WI

I am a physician assistant student and have already found my own religious freedom violated, before even fully entering the profession. I have been denied the chance to do a clinical rotation at a site ... Read More

Audrey O.

In 2007 while practicing on the East Coast, the physician son of a patient on my Neurologic ICU service, asked me whether I was one of those "Pro-life whackos" who was prepared to affirm that food and ... Read More

Laura R.
Kansas City, Kansas

Before I was ever accepted to attend dental school at Marquette University School of Dentistry. I worked at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston as a Cytogenetic Technician. Our Job was to discover malformation ... Read More

Michael G.
Massena, NY

When I stood up for what is right for my aptients, when I refused to participate in doing unncessary surgeries, when I even qouted Plato's republic three pillars of civilization truth, justice and goodness ... Read More

Ed A.

A can attest that government hospitals are understaffed. I had many competent colleagues of the Catholic faith. If they cannot refuse to perform abortions, then they will choose not to work in the government ... Read More

Julia C.
Dallas, Tx

I practice pediatric emergency medicine at Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford, CT. I am concerned that I will be forced to provide an oral "contraceptive" to sexual assault victims if my ... Read More

Marvin C.
Hartford, CT

During my family practice residency, I was assigned to participate in an elective abortion procedure. I respectfully declined citing my belief that life begins at conception. Despite the fact that I ... Read More

Charles M.
Knoxville, TN

Several years ago I was interviewing at my then dream school, a leading medical school on the west coast. The interview was going very well until the topic turned to abortion. One of the interviewers ... Read More

W L.

I will keep this succinct.

As a Christian medical student, a pre-med student and a working healthcare professional in a variety of jobs, I have repeatedly experienced numerous times of discrimination ... Read More

David H.
San Diego, CA

In the pediatrics ward at Kaiser Permanente I had rounded on a young baby girl with recurrent urinary infections whose mother showed tremendous concern and worry. Through the course of our conversation ... Read More

Gregory S.
Redlands, CA

I worked in a nursing home (in another town)where they were adding morphine sulfate to the breathing treatments of the elderly. I was shocked because ms is a respiratory depresant. Now I'm only an LPN ... Read More

Naomi S.
North Platte, Nebraska

Many medical school student who trained with me avoided OB/Gyn residency because their Catholic beliefs would not be respected. My mentors indicated that if I was careful to screen programs I could successfully ... Read More

James J.
Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

Many years ago I worked for a staffing agency as a OR Tech in the bay area & I was assigned to one of the State Hospitals to work in surgery a suite doing GYN cases that day.
The first case of the day ... Read More

Laurie A H.
Albany, OR

I’m 15 and ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a doctor. You can sit there and say what does a kid know about politics? I know my opinion and beliefs and im sick of two-faced adults not taking ... Read More

Christin F.
Germantown, Maryland

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