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If the government will be intruding into the private practice of medicine and the physician patient relationship, and deciding for me my conscience rights then I will find an alternative to practice and ... Read More

Steven M.
rockford, illinois

As a family physician, I am occasionally presented by my patients with concerns regarding sexual identity. Such concerns can be complex. One of the issues that is addressed is a traditional scientific ... Read More

Timothy S.
Lexington, Kentucky

Please protect the rights of the healthcare provider to use their conscience as they provide Compassionate Care for their patients

Jeff H.
Geneva, Nebraska

I knew my interview for admission to the University of Michigan School of Medicine was over the moment it began. The doctor interviewing me opened the interview by saying something like, "You went to ... Read More

Matt V.

Doctors must be free to practice medicine according to the dictates and values and beliefs system which is a foundational part and reason for what drew them to Medicine to begin with. This is a safeguard ... Read More

Philip C.
Beaufort, SC

3 months ago a colleague of mine (just before I recently changed jobs from FP to ER) was asked by a local teenager to prescribe hormone blocking therapy and wanted my advice. I told her I would not do ... Read More

Joshua M.
Lenore, Idaho

The trans movement will attempt to force medical providers, against their will, conscience, and medical training to describe patients based on their "chosen sex" which flies in the face of obvious medical ... Read More

John K.
Rockford, IL

I have a patient who has recently undergone some sex change surgery. I have no idea how this patient made it through the supposed rigorous psychiatric screening as he has documented Schizophrenic and ... Read More

Jeff T.
Windom, MN

This is the resolution adopted by the Nebraska Medical Association in September 2012:


WHEREAS, All Licensed Physicians attempt to provide quality care and ... Read More

Dale M.
Walton, Nebraska

As an Gynecolist I strongly object to being involved in procedures that I morally cannot participate in!!!! Also as alifelong Democrat am very very angry that our religious beliefs are being negated ... Read More

John M.
sewickley, pa.

I worked for the Ms. State Dept. of Health for 2 years. Birth Control is handed out routinely for free to the same faces that return pregnant to sign up for the WIC program. i once was in the clinic ... Read More

Maria G.
horn lake, ms

My views concerning the controversial contraception mandate, because I am very Pro-Life, will appear very negative to those who are in favor of passing such a clause. I, for one, refuse to purchase any ... Read More

June V.
Bridgeport, Connecticut

As a physician anesthesiologist at a large medical center in the mid-Atlantic region, I received a directive from our chairman that members in our department who would not assist in abortions were obligated ... Read More

Roger F.
Altadena, California

I am a third year medical student at the University of Toledo College of Medicine (UTCOM.) I have recently finished my OB/GYN clerkship at The Toledo Hospital inpatient and outpatient. My story of discrimination ... Read More

Nathan M.
Toledo, OH

I work in urgent care and am concerned I could be put in a position where a patient would want me to prescribe the "morning after" pill. I checked on our hospital's policy through the emergency room to ... Read More

Steven H.
Waukesha, WI

I am a physician assistant student and have already found my own religious freedom violated, before even fully entering the profession. I have been denied the chance to do a clinical rotation at a site ... Read More

Audrey O.

In 2007 while practicing on the East Coast, the physician son of a patient on my Neurologic ICU service, asked me whether I was one of those "Pro-life whackos" who was prepared to affirm that food and ... Read More

Laura R.
Kansas City, Kansas

Before I was ever accepted to attend dental school at Marquette University School of Dentistry. I worked at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston as a Cytogenetic Technician. Our Job was to discover malformation ... Read More

Michael G.
Massena, NY

When I stood up for what is right for my aptients, when I refused to participate in doing unncessary surgeries, when I even qouted Plato's republic three pillars of civilization truth, justice and goodness ... Read More

Ed A.

A can attest that government hospitals are understaffed. I had many competent colleagues of the Catholic faith. If they cannot refuse to perform abortions, then they will choose not to work in the government ... Read More

Julia C.
Dallas, Tx

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