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Asst. suicide/Euthanasia


House members approve measure to repeal Washington D.C. assisted suicide law

Catholic News Service

July 18, 2017

"The House Appropriations Committee voted July 13 in favor of an amendment to repeal the District of Columbia's assisted suicide law. The day before the vote, New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan sent a letter to members of the committee urging them to "nullify the D.C. City Council's deceptively named 'Death with Dignity Act' that legalizes the dangerous and unethical practice of doctor-assisted suicide." The amendment to the fiscal year 2018 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill looks to repeal the assisted suicide law, which went into effect this past February. It was introduced by Rep. Andy Harris, R-Maryland, who told the committee there is "nothing dignified about suicide" in his opinion. "

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Victory for Vermont health professionals after pro-suicide group drops appeal

Alliance Defending Freedom

May 23, 2017

A pro-suicide group has dropped its appeal of a federal court's decision which affirmed that a Vermont law can't be interpreted to require pro-life health professionals to counsel or refer patients for assisted suicide. As a result, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit officially dismissed the appeal Monday, thus ending the case. The withdrawal of the appeal by Compassion & Choices leaves in place a consent agreement between physician groups and the Vermont Attorney General's office, which agreed that the court was correct in deciding that the state's Act 39 does not force conscientious professionals to ensure all "terminal" patients are informed about the availability of doctor-prescribed death. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys and ADF-allied attorney Michael Tierney represent the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare and the Christian Medical Association, groups of medical professionals who wish to abide by their oath to "do no harm." “Vermont health care workers just want to act consistently with their reasonable and time-honored convictions without fear of government punishment,” said ADF Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden.

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Vermont law blasted for pushing doctors to discuss 'benefits' of suicide

Catholic News Service

October 3, 2016

A medical ethics group and a Christian doctors’ group have challenged Vermont regulators who say that doctors must tell patients about assisted suicide or refer them to someone who will. “The government shouldn’t be telling health care professionals that they must violate their medical ethics in order to practice medicine,” said Steven H. Aden, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. The lawsuit’s plaintiffs, the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare and the Christian Medical and Dental Association, object to state officials’ requirements that could force physicians to refer for assisted suicide under the 2013 assisted suicide law known passed as Act 39, the Patient Control at End of Life Act.

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A Warning from Canada on Assisted Suicide: Physicians' Conscience Rights at Stake

CNS commentary by Lynn Wardle

March 18, 2016

One of the most disturbing recommendations in the Report proposes that all Canadian physicians have a legal duty either to provide Medical Assistance in Dying ("MAID") or to provide an "effective referral" to someone who will provide MAID. Recommendation 10 subordinates the values, rights and ethical interests of the health care provider who objects to providing MAID to the wishes of a patient who seeks MAID. It concludes: "At a minimum, the objecting practitioner must provide an effective referral for the patient."

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Canada declares war on Christian doctors and nurses

First Things commentary by Wesley J. Smith

March 4, 2016

Nurses, however, would not even have that slim hope, since they would merely be delegated the dirty task of carrying out the homicide. This leaves nurses with religious objections to euthanasia with the stark choice of administering the lethal dose when directed by a doctor, or being insubordinate and facing job termination. The same conundrum would no doubt apply to religiously dissenting pharmacists when ordered to concoct a deadly brew. Even Catholic and other religious nursing homes and hospices may soon be required by law to permit euthanasia on their premises, for the federal commission recommended that federal and provincial governments "ensure that all publicly funded health care institutions provide medical assistance in dying."

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Catholic health provider cautious about assisted dying ahead of new law

City News (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

February 26, 2016

The memo from management at Providence Health Care says that while the organization currently forbids the practice, it will monitor and conform to the law as it takes shape. Last year, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the ban on physician-assisted dying, and the government has until June 6 to come up with replacement legislation. "(Physician-assisted dying) contradicts the basic tenets of Catholic health care, wherein life is held to be sacred from conception to natural death, and not permitted in Catholic health care institutions such as Providence," read the memo. Requests for assisted suicide from patients who have secured the required exemption from B.C. Supreme Court will be treated on a case-by-case basis to find a final solution, said the document [emphasis added]. Forcing these institutions to offer a service that infringes on their religious beliefs tramples on their constitutional right to freedom of conscience and religion, said Larry Worthen, executive director of the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada, in a statement.

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Ontario gvmt's expert panel wants euthanasia for children 12 and under

LifeSite News

December 16, 2015

"A stacked deck" of pro-euthanasia academics has recommended that children 12 years of age or younger be eligible for assisted suicide or euthanasia, and palliative care hospices, religious-based care providers and health professionals must violate their consciences to "aid and abet" state-mandated killing of patients in care. “The whole problem has to do with consent,” said Larry Worthen of the [Canadian] Christian Medical and Dental Association, representing 1,700 doctors. For any other medical the doctor must believe it is good for the patient before they do it, but not this one. That means people who are depressed after being advised of a terminal illness or having suffered a disabling injury can kill themselves before they recover their will to live.

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