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Is Receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Ethical?

Public Discourse

Weighing an indirect user connection concern alongside other ethical considerations is required in the case of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Several mitigating principles can help assuage the concerns of conscientious end users of drugs that have some connection to abortion: the distance in time from the original abortion to the present use of the drug and the lack of availability of any ethical alternatives.

What the Hobby Lobby ruling means to people of faith

Los Angeles Times

Blind to the irony of its own assertion, The Times opines that the court "absurdly" held that "Hobby Lobby and the other companies qualified as 'persons,'" thus protected by 1st Amendment religious exercise rights.

Republicans need to stick to their principles

USA Today

A 2013 Gallup poll revealed that women, independents and young voters all favored the GOP position of making abortion illegal in most cases.

Population-control ideology behind contraceptives mandate

Washington Examiner

So besides trampling on religious freedom, on respect for the sanctity of human life and on private enterprise, the administration is also foisting its population-control ideology on the nation.

Obama 'freedom to worship' violates First Amendment

Washington Times

Worship at its core is essentially a private and personal process, a communion between God and an individual. No government could restrict such worship, and more than it could monitor and censor every citizen's thoughts and prayers. So a law that merely protected freedom of worship would hardly be worth heralding in a presidential proclamation.


The Tennessean

Social science research clearly demonstrates that marriage between a man and a woman ...


FOX News

Why do so many Americans feel that we went to bed in the USA and woke up in China?


Washington Post

Many would note that abortion would only add to the trauma...


Los Angeles Times

When the government attempts to force even elderly nuns to violate their religious convictions...


Writing a Letter to the Editor

How to Publish Your Thoughts

This PowerPoint presentation, which includes audible narration by Freedom2Care Director and veteran writer Jonathan Imbody, guides you through a simple five-step outline that will make your writing a letter to the editor fast and effective.

While designed for health professionals, this presentation will help anyone learn a quick and easy formula to getting your opinions published.

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Tips from Editors

This PowerPoint presentation features tips from newspaper editorial page editors on how to make sure your letter fits their requirements for length, style and content.

Persuasive Writing PowerPoint - Tips fro

More Writing Resources

Writing Tips

This PowerPoint presentation covers five key techniques for strengthening your writing:

1. Trim unneeded words

2. Use active voice

3. Use interesting words

4. Make music

5. Balance head and heart

Persuasive Writing PowerPoint - Writing

Social Media

This PowerPoint presentation reviews how news media uses social media and how to efficiently use some main outlets--

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Blogs

4. LinkedIn

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