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Transgender Mandates, Conscience & Parental Rights

Emilie Kao on The Ben Shapiro Show

LA Spa Massages the Meaning of 'Woman'

Daily Signal by Tony Perkins

We’ll Tell You What ‘60 Minutes+’ Won’t About How Transgender Movement Endangers Kids

Daily Signal by Emilie Kao

By Dodging School Bathrooms Case, Supreme Court Cements Earlier Win for Transgender Rights

Daily Signal by Sarah Parshall Perry

Promise to America's Children Protects Interests of Parents and Children

Emilie Kao on 60 Minutes

Gender Identity Policies Don’t Follow the Science

Daily Signal by Jared Eckert

Young Children Are Being Targeted With Sexual Content. The Equality Act Would Make It Worse.

Daily Signal by Jared Eckert

How the Equality Act’s Gender Ideology Would Harm Children

Heritage Foundation by Nicole Russell and Emilie Kao

60 Minutes Runs Explosive Segment Featuring Young Transgender Individuals Who Decided To Reverse Course

Daily Wire

Biden's HHS Chooses Ideology Over Science on Transgender Issues

Newsweek by Roger Severino

After Losing to Male Athletes, College Runner Fights for Fairness in Women’s Sports

Daily Signal by Virginia Allen

Conversion Therapy Bans: Enforcing a Faulty Anthropology on Sex and Gender

Public Discourse by Darius Lee

How Modern “Equality” Comes at Women’s Expense

Alliance Defending Freedom

Why There's No Compromising The Equality Act

Breakpoint podcast

A Contest of Civility: The Stakes of the Battle over the Equality Act

Public Discourse by Cory Higdon

The Equality Act Is at War With Reality

Wall Street Journal by Margaret Harper McCarthy

The Equality Act would trample on doctors' religious freedom

Washington Examiner by Jonathan Imbody

How The Equality Act Would Legalize Religious Bigotry

The Federalist by Yaakov Menken

Democrats exclude mother of female athletes from testifying against Equality Act

Washington Examiner

Woke Rights, the Equality Act and Speaker Pelosi

First Things by George Wiegel

Why I oppose the radical 'Equality Act'

Washington Examiner by Sen. Mike Braun

Highlights From Senate Hearing on Liberals’ Equality Act

Daily Signal by Virginia Allen

Democratic Witness Falsely Claims the Equality Act Doesn’t Affect Religious Institutions

National Review

Sen. James Lankford on Equality Act and Religious Freedom

Sen. James Lankford

Equality Act Would Cancel Religious Freedom

The Heritage Foundation, by Thomas Jipping

Stand Against Unjust Discrimination: Oppose the Equality Act

Public Discourse by Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Still Think the 'Equality Act' Is A-OK? Check Out These 3 Disturbing Transgender Cases

CNS News by Nicole Russell

Progressive Church Lobbies Push Radical LGBTQ “Equality Act”

Juicy Ecumenism by James Diddams

Sen. Marsha Blackburn Fears What Women Stand to Lose If Equality Act Becomes Law

Daily Signal by Virginia Allen

Victims of the Equality Act

BreakPoint Podcast with Ryan T. Anderson and Emilie Kao

The "Equality Act" will erase religious freedom and medical judgment

Freedom2Care blog by Jonathan Imbody

The Promise to America's Children

Emilie Kao

The Equality Act’s assault on religious liberty

First Things by Kenneth Craycraft

Equality Act with Ryan T. Anderson

Ryan T. Anderson

Women, Children, and Religious Americans Are New Targets Under the Resurrected Equality Act

Heritage by Sarah Parshall Perry

The Equality Act


How ‘Equality Act’ Would Impose Transgender Ideology on Everyone

Daily Signal by Jarrett Stepman

U.S. Bishop Chairmen Say Equality Act Would Discriminate Against People of Faith and Threaten Unborn Life


Facing threat of the Equality Act, a national coalition launches "Promise to America's Children"

Promise to America's Children

Equality Act’s Attack on Religious Liberty, Medical Conscience

National Review by Wesley J. Smith

The “Equality Act”: Threatening Life and Equality

CLI by Richard M. Doerflinger, M.A.

Equality Act hangs in the balance as Democrats falter in Senate races

USA Today

Good News, Tennessee

Parental Rights

HS Girls Forced to Compete Against Boys

Alliance Defending Freedom

Boys competing in girls' sports?

Alliance Defending Freedom

The Problem With the Equality Act

Emilie Kao

Selina Soule Speaks Out Against the Equality Act

Selena Soule

Medical Harms for Children

Heritage panel

How The Equality Act Harms Parents and Children

Heritage Foundation

7 Reasons Why the Equality Act Is Anything But

Heritage Foundation by Monica Burke

Inequality of the Equality Act: Concerns from the Left

Heritage Foundation

Equality Act Could Lead to More Parents Losing Custody of Kids Who Want ‘Gender Transition’

Daily Signal by Emilie Kao

Gender Dysphoria in Children

Heritage Foundation