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Rep. Hinson (R-IA): Consider No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

Rep. Ashley Hinson

Scalise urges Dems to keep the Hyde amendment, not use taxpayer money for abortions

Rep. Steve Scalise

Rep. Burgess (R-TX) Supports Rep. Smith's No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R.18)

Rep. Burgess (R-TX) video

Rep. Smith: Support No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

Rep. Chris Smith

Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) Asks Unanimous Consent to Consider No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Biden Budget Plan

EWTN - Rep. Kat Cammack

What’s next in the budget battle

EWTN - Autumn Christensen

Biden Budget Would Scrap Decades of Consensus on Not Funding Abortion

Heritage Foundation by Melanie Israel

Destroying Black Babies and Families With Federal Dollars

Daily Signal by Star Parker

Biden Trashes Pro-life Protections in Proposed Budget

Live Action

Ending Hyde = Racial Injustice

Toni McFadden - Students for Life

Becerra questioned about abortion, immigration at HHS budget hearing

The Hill

Aderholt Calls for Bipartisan Unity on Hyde

Perkins - Aderholt

Highlights From Senate Hearing on Liberals’ Equality Act

Daily Signal by Virginia Allen

President Biden Signs Huge Expansion of Taxpayer Funded Abortion Into Law

Americans United for Life

Hyde has disappeared

Sen. James Lankford

Hyde Amendment Offered

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Pro-life Congressmen seek to save the Hyde Amendment

TN Right to Life

Hyde Amendment Under Threat in Biden Presidency

National Review

State of Abortion in 2021

National Right to Life

Reality Check: The Extreme Campaign Against the Hyde Amendment


Taxpayer Funding of Abortion and Abortion Businesses

Family Research Council

Democrats to remove pro-life protections

EWTN Michael New

Misguided Fairness for All Act Would Undermine Religious Liberty

The Daily Signal by Andrea Jones

Six Things to Know about Hyde

Daily Signal

Marist Polling on Abortion

Knights of Columbus

There’s Nothing “Pro-Choice” About a Democratic Platform Demanding Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Alliance Defending Freedom

The life-saving value of Hyde

March for Life - Jeanne Mancini

Hyde at 40

Charlotte Lozier Institute, by Michael New

The Hyde Amendment’s effect on human-trafficking victims

Washington Post commentary by Jonathan Imbody

"Subsidizing slaughter of innocents"

Rep. Henry Hyde