Conscience Protection Act

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Sen. James Lankford

“No one should have to check their faith or moral convictions at the door when they enter their workplace. Unfortunately, many health care workers don’t have the legal protection to decline to participate in abortions. This bill provides doctors, nurses, and other health care workers permanent protection from being discriminated against by employers if they choose to follow their conscience and do not wish to perform, participate in, or provide an abortion. No health care worker should be forced to choose between their jobs and their conscience. It shouldn’t be controversial. Many entered health care to protect life; they should not be forced to take a life to keep their jobs.”

What does the Act do?

The Act strengthens existing federal conscience laws by providing an avenue for victims of discrimination to gain justice in court.


What legislators support the Act?

Sen. James Lankford introduced the Act in February 2021. Details including current cosponsors can be found here.

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What people are saying about the Act

Sen. Lankford's press release includes supportive statements from national organizations including Freedom2Care.

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Why is the Act needed?

Health professionals testify of rampant discrimination, including job loss, for simply following life-honoring ethical codes.

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What exactly does the Act say?

The full bill text can be found here (when published in the Federal Register).

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How can I support the Act?

You can contact your legislators in about 10 seconds by using the Freedom2Care legislative action tool.

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Excerpted from 2/24/21 Lankford press release


"There has never been a better time for Congress to provide conscience protections for healthcare professionals who practice Hippocratic medicine according to their God-given conscience." --Jeffrey Barrows, DO, MA, (Ethics) Senior VP Bioethics and Public Policy, Christian Medical & Dental Associations.

"The Conscience Protection Act is vital legislation to ensure that no American can be punished or penalized for being pro-life. As we work to build an America where every child's life is protected in law, the least we can do in the meantime is ensure that no one be coerced into supporting lethal violence committed on an unborn child. Kudos to Senator Lankford and his colleagues for their leadership on this issue.” --Ryan T. Anderson, PhD, President, Ethics and Public Policy Center.

“We thank Senator Lankford, who has been a strong advocate of life and protecting religious freedom, for his leadership in introducing the Conscience Protection Act.  This important legislation would ensure that no one is coerced to participate in abortions or to provide abortion coverage. Importantly, the bill empowers those who are affected to file private lawsuits in federal courts – without the need for intervention by the pro-abortion Biden administration.” --Carol Tobias, President of National Right to Life.

 “Can anyone doubt the urgent need for legislation like the Conscience Protection Act at a time when we are seeing cancel culture spread to every area of our lives? When we have the President of the United States promising to reinstate policies to go after religious groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor and others? It is far past time we reaffirm the principles of our founding which included a deep respect for the rights of conscience. I am thankful for Senator Lankford and his colleagues  supporting this critical legislation. They are standing for the American values that make freedom flourish.” --Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee.