Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI Threat Protocol

What to do if your conscience rights are challenged?

Some options include, per ADF’s “A Legal Guide for Healthcare Professionals”:

  • Discuss the conflict with employer or the regulating body. Frame it is as a request for a religious accommodation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which requires employers to reasonably accommodate employees’ religious beliefs at work. Offer your employer a solution to the conflict.
  • In consultation with legal counsel, which should be engaged at the first indication you are under review, send a letter asking for your rights to be respected.
  • Consider defending your legal rights in court. Federal and state laws and regulations may apply to varying degrees.
  • Use existing complaint procedures allowing you to file with the right government entity.
  • 1-800-TELL-ADF or ADFlegal.org.

Freedom2Care at www.freedom2care.org

Liberty Counsel: https://lc.org/legal-help, complete the form, then e-mail rmast@lc.org.

If the organization is a Christian ministry, consider joining the ADF ministry alliance (adfministryalliance.org) which provides an initial review of documents to ensure that they offer strong first amendment protection; ongoing access for consultation; and representation if the organization is legally attacked within the issue areas ADF covers.

Pre-emptive interaction. Provide an alternative to the “DEI” training the organization is issuing. ADF has developed some resources to assist at “Viewpoint Diversity Scorehttps://viewpointdiversityscore.org/resources. These policies/resources are designed to advocate for and protect viewpoint diversity (which respects everyone’s rights) rather than elevating certain characteristics/beliefs over others.