"Fairness for All" Act

Not fair and not for all

The mis-named "Fairness for All Act" would:

  • elevate sexual preference and choice to the same protected legal civil rights status as race, which is an immutable, non-subjective quality;

  • subject "any provider of medical services" to sexual discrimination prosecution simply for following biological facts and long-standing faith principles regarding sex; and

  • allow religious freedom exemption only for a narrow subset of the faith community such as places of worship and certain religious educational facilities while eliminating religious freedom protection on sexual issues for all the rest of religious Americans.

Bill text excerpts:

  • No biology: "The term ‘gender identity’ means the gender-related identity, appearance, mannerisms, or other gender-related characteristics of an individual, without regard to the individual’s designated sex at birth."

  • Medical targets: "No employer whose primary purpose and activity is to deliver medical services shall be eligible for the exemptions."

  • Physicians compelled: "to provide a service, treatment, therapy, procedure, or drug on the same medical terms or criteria applicable to individuals needing that service, treatment, therapy, procedure or drug, without regard to protected class status."

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"Fairness for All" News & Commentary

“Fairness For All Act” Is Not Fair, Does Not Benefit All

Public Discourse by Frank Schubert

Once sex becomes gender identity under federal law, in the marketplace of sports competition girls will be crushed. Gone, too, will be women’s privacy when biological men are guaranteed access to intimate areas such as locker rooms, showers and restrooms. Women’s safety and security are also risked when biological men are granted access to female homeless centers, drug rehabilitation facilities, and even domestic violence centers. Also sacrificed on the altar of political correctness is adherence to the historic, universal understanding of the bodily reality of human beings.

Fairness for All Act's message to religious Americans: 'Submit or else'

Washington Times by Sarah Parshall Perry

Worse, the Fairness for All Act leaves individual objectors with no recourse. The message to private religious citizens, educators, medical professionals, scholastic athletes, or wedding service providers is clear: “Submit, or else. Your religion be hanged.” Some claim Fairness for All would “expand religious liberty.” This description is patently false.

'Fairness for All,' Justice for None

FRC by Travis Weber

Like the Equality Act, FFA would overhaul our federal civil rights framework and introduce special privileges for sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) throughout federal law. Unlike the Equality Act, FFA does provide scattered protections for religious liberty. However, these protections are so minuscule and incremental, they fail to adequately deal with many religious liberty issues that have arisen as a result of SOGI laws. On top of this, the philosophical approach of FFA sends the message that religious liberty is something that can be "carved out" of a broad SOGI mandate like this bill.

"Fairness for All" is Unfair

First Things by Emily Zinos

While it may be true that the FFA’s supporters want to find a compromise between the clashing interests of religious believers and those who identify as LGBT, their remarks reveal a dangerous naivete. The very legislation they tout as fair and balanced would—to name just one of the ways in which it is dangerous—further entrench the practice of surgically reshaping and sterilizing the bodies of vulnerable young people.

"Fairness for All" Is Well Intentioned but Inadequate and Misguided

Heritage Foundation by Ryan T. Anderson

A bill that was truly fair would explicitly say that no institution could be forced by the government to allow boys who identify as girls to compete against girls in athletics; that no institution could be forced by the government to allow men who identify as women into women-only spaces, such as locker rooms and shelters; that no institution could be penalized because it lives out its creed that marriage unites a husband and wife. A bill that was truly fair for all would explicitly say that no physician would have to engage in any “gender-affirming” care that they thought unethical, and that no child could be denied assistance to help them identify with their bodies.

Misguided Fairness for All Act Would Undermine Religious Liberty

The Daily Signal by Andrea Jones

The Fairness for All Act adopts the faulty reasoning of the Equality Act, treating all disagreement about the nature of marriage and the biological basis of sex as illegal discrimination. The proposed bill would have numerous negative consequences for the same groups impacted by the Equality Act, as a group of conservative organizations recently outlined in a letter to Republican members. It would expose medical professionals and hospitals to ruinous lawsuits if they decline to provide hormonal and surgical gender transition procedures, including on minors.

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