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Paying Lip Service to Liberty While Imposing Radical Gender Ideology

Daily Signal by Makenna McCoy and Jared Eckert

Supreme Court Issues Parental Rights Ruling in Free Speech Case

Supreme Court decision is a win for religious freedom

Philadelphia Inquirer by Emilie Kao

New Family Protections in Texas, Florida

Gender Identity Policies Don’t Follow the Science

Daily Signal by Jared Eckert

Young Children Are Being Targeted With Sexual Content. The Equality Act Would Make It Worse.

Daily Signal by Jared Eckert

How the Equality Act’s Gender Ideology Would Harm Children

Heritage Foundation by Nicole Russell and Emilie Kao

These Transgender Individuals Regret Transitioning. Parents Need to Hear Their Stories.

Daily Signal by Nicole Russell

Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement

Katy Faust on CMDA Matters podcast

Foundation Ideas Fuel Victories for Parents

Parental Rights Foundation

Suit alleging admissions discrimination moves forward

Washington Times

Marking the dangers of doublethink

Washington Times by Robert Knight

Biden's HHS Chooses Ideology Over Science on Transgender Issues

Newsweek by Roger Severino

New Title X Rules Would Restore Sanger's Eugenics Project

Real Clear Politics by Tom McClusky

DC "Legislative Disease" Spreading as Warned

Parental Rights Foundation

Testimony to Australian Parliament in Favor of Parental Rights Bill

EPPC - Mary Hasson

Florida Passes Parents’ Bill of Rights

Parental Rights Foundation

Your Guide to the Doctor’s Office

Parental Rights Foundation

Poll: most Illinois voters want parental notification for abortion, but lawmakers seek repeal

Catholic News Agency

Lawsuit claims Virginia's policies on transgender students violate religious freedom

Associated Press

Lawsuit claims Virginia's policies on transgender students violate religious freedom

ABC channel 13, Virginia

School Districts Are Hiding Information About Gender-Transitioning Children From Their Parents

Heritage Foundation by Sarah Marshall Perry

Parental Rights, Gender Ideology, and the Equality Act

Heritage Foundation by Melissa Moschella

ACLU wants to destroy parental notification rather than provide support to troubled teens

Live Action News

U.S. Bishop Chairmen Reaffirm Protections for Faith-Based Foster Care and Adoption Providers


Researchers: CDC Misrepresented Scientific Research To Keep Schools Closed At Kids’ Expense

The Federalist by Tristan Justice

Senator Lee: Vaccination Ought to Be Parents’ Decision

Court blocks mandate forcing doctors to perform controversial gender transition procedures


Has 2020 Been the Best of Times?

Parental Rights Foundation

Where Do Parental Rights Come From?

EPPC Broadcast

Why We Need “Confidential Reporting” Reform

Parental Rights Foundation

No choice on school choice


Oregon Shuts Down Christian Schools In Name Of COVID While Keeping Public Schools Open

The Federalist by Ryan Tucker

Another Texas Family Victory

Parental Rights Foundation

DC Council Would Discard Constitution, End Parents’ Rights

Parental Rights

Religious Freedom Isn’t Hypothetical, Federal Judge Tells Washington State


Do Children Have a Right to Family Privacy?

Parental Rights Foundation

The ACLU used to defend religious freedom. Now, they target Catholic adoption agencies.

Montse Alvarado in USA Today

Court bars Madison school district from deceiving parents about children’s claimed gender identity

Alliance Defending Freedom

Families and children affected by Supreme Court case share their stories


Good News, Tennessee

Parental Rights

Progressive Sex Education and the Battle for Our Children

Daily Signal by Virginia Allen

Supreme Court Has Imperiled Parents’ Right to Pass Their Values on to Children

Heritage Foundation

New Homeschoolers: Outlandish Restrictions Proliferate

Home School Legal Defense Foundation

Homeschool organization says public schools are blocking parents from withdrawing kids

FOX News

Allies for parental rights


What You Need to Know About Religious School Case at the Supreme Court

Daily Signal

Wisconsin Parents Sue To Keep Schools From Hiding Their Kids’ Gender Dysphoria

The Federalist

Supreme Court Is Poised to Deliver a Victory to School Choice Advocates

Public Discourse by Mark Movsesian

Arizona education board backs away from changes to sex ed language

Physical Interventions on the Bodies of Children to “Affirm” their “Gender Identity” Violate Sound Medical Ethics

Public Discourse by Ryan Anderson and Robert George

Summit on Protecting Children from Sexualization

Heritage Foundation

Parents Call Out School Board’s Transgender Policy Proposal

Daily Signal

Mentally Disabled Woman Will No Longer Be Forced to Abort Her Child, After Court Reverses Ruling

Daily Signal

Testimony On Massachusetts H. 3320 and S. 1209

Americans United for Life

Equality Act Could Lead to More Parents Losing Custody of Kids Who Want ‘Gender Transition’

Daily Signal by Emilie Kao

Reforming Health Care to Protect Parents' Rights

Heritage Foundation