Conscience in Healthcare: 2019

Key Findings: 2019 Survey

  • Faith-based health professionals need conscience protections to ensure their continued medical practice.
  • Conscience-driven health professionals care for all patients.
  • Religious professionals overwhelmingly support a biological—not ideological--definition of sex.
  • Religious health professionals face rampant discrimination.
  • Access for poor and medically under-served patient populations depends on conscience protections.

Heart and Mind Strategies conducted the 2019 nationwide poll for Freedom2Care and the Christian Medical Association on the impact of conscience protections on faith-based U.S. healthcare professionals.

Conscience in Healthcare: 2009

The Polling Company, Inc. conducted the 2009 nationwide, scientific polls for Freedom2Care―on the potential impact of removing conscience protections from U.S. healthcare professionals. Freedom2Care presented the results at a press conference at the National Press Club.

Faith-Based Survey: 2009

Public Survey: 2009

Government & Faith-Based Partnerships

May 2018 | Strengthening USG-FBO partnerships―international health―analysis & recommendations.