Freedom and Life

Organized in 2009, Freedom2Care advances the value of human life and freedom of

faith, conscience and speech.

Our mission is to educate, equip and motivate citizens ​to advocate for First Amendment freedoms, policy makers ​to uphold life-honoring principles, religious freedom and conscience rights, and the healthcare community, ​to protect the freedom to adhere to standards of medical ethics.

Jonathan Imbody

Director, Freedom2Care

Jonathan Imbody directs Freedom2Care, which currently serves over 35,000 constituents interested in preserving our First Amendment freedoms.

As a liaison with the federal government, Jonathan has participated in dozens of White House meetings and events, has testified before Congress and makes over 250 personal contacts with Congressional leaders and government officials each year. He has also advised presidential campaigns on issues of international health and conscience freedoms.

A veteran writer of four decades, Jonathan is author of Faith Steps, a book designed to encourage and equip people of faith to engage in public policy issues. He also has published over 100 commentaries in The Washington Post, USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, World, Chicago Sun-Times and many other national publications.

Jonathan received his bachelor's degree in journalism and speech communications from the Pennsylvania State University, a master's degree from Penn State in counseling and education and a certificate in biblical and theological studies from the Alliance Theological Seminary in New York.

Jonathan's wife Amy is an author, educator and founder of the Center for Redemptive Education. They have four grown children and five grandchildren.

The work of Freedom2Care in advancing freedom of faith, conscience and speech is supported by the Christian Medical Association, a nonprofit, ECFA Accredited organization.

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