State Advocacy

Our State Advocacy seeks to generate public support for a particular recommendation, cause or policy to achieve biblical justice. We are blessed to collaborate on advocacy efforts with our members, state directors, state reps, public policy partners, legislators and others to help advance biblical, ethical and scientifically sound principles in healthcare policy within the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Below are some of our state priority advocacy issues.

Priority Advocacy Issues

  • Abortion (Protecting unborn and babies that survive an attempted abortion; opposing abortion access or expansion bills; providing resources and support for mothers with unplanned pregnancies)
  • Assisted Suicide (Defeating legalization or expansion)
  • Healthcare Conscience Protections
  • Protecting Minors from Gender Transition/Gender-Affirming Therapies
  • Opioid Addiction

State Advocacy Engagement Vehicles

  • CMDA Members
  • Contacting state legislators
  • Providing testimony at state legislative hearings
  • Developing relationships with state legislators, coalitions, and public policy partners working toward the same ends
  • Engage the media and public by writing letters to the editor, op-eds, or doing interviews

Model Bills

A model act, also called a model law or a piece of model legislation, is a suggested example for a law, drafted centrally to be disseminated and suggested for enactment in multiple independent legislatures. The motivation classically has been the hope of fostering more legal uniformity among jurisdictions, and better practice in legislative wording, than would otherwise occur; another motivation sometimes has been lobbying disguised under such ideals. Model laws can be intended to be enacted verbatim, to be enacted after minor modification, or to serve more as general guides for the legislatures.

The MED Act

The MED Act allows healthcare professionals to decline to perform procedures that violate their conscience.

Help Not Harm

The Family Policy Alliance’s Help Not Harm legislation protects children from “transition,” and gives those who were already victimized a chance to receive damages for the great harm they experienced.


Voter Voice

Make an Impact with VoterVoice

Your voice matters! Our advocacy team is committed to promoting the highest ethical standard in healthcare, but we can’t do it without you. Help us ensure that everyone has a right to life from conception to natural death. Stand with us to support healthcare professionals’ right of conscience. Let your lawmakers know you want to back legislation that fosters medical research and advancement without compromising human dignity.


How to Use VoterVoice

Scroll below to participate in our campaigns, find your legislators, research a bill and sign up for email alerts.

You can email your legislator to communicate your position on a bill directly from this website. Just click on the campaign for the bill you are interested in and edit the prepared template. Once you put in your ZIP code, the email will be sent to the elected officials from your legislative district where you have the greatest influence.

Voter Voice

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