Advocacy seeks to generate public support for a particular recommendation, cause or policy to achieve biblical justice. We are blessed to collaborate on advocacy efforts with our members, state directors, state reps, public policy partners, legislators and others to help advance biblical, ethical and scientifically sound principles in healthcare policy within the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Below are some of our state priority advocacy issues.


Priority Advocacy Issues

  • Abortion (Protecting unborn and babies that survive an attempted abortion; opposing abortion access or expansion bills; providing resources and support for mothers with unplanned pregnancies)
  • Assisted Suicide (Defeating legalization or expansion)
  • Healthcare Conscience Protections
  • Protecting Minors from Gender Transition/Gender-Affirming Therapies
  • Opioid Addiction


State Advocacy Engagement Vehicles

  • CMDA Members
  • Contacting state legislators
  • Providing testimony at state legislative hearings
  • Developing relationships with state legislators, coalitions, and public policy partners working toward the same ends
  • Engage the media and public by writing letters to the editor, op-eds, or doing interviews


Some of Our State Public Policy Partners