Pro-Life Title X

Family Planning

Enforced conscience laws, a life-affirming approach and a new rule are opening the door to pro-life & faith-based organizations.

Final Title X Rule Issued

Read HHS fact sheet on new rule

Read HHS news release on new rule

 The new rule benefits:

•    Patients seeking family planning services from health professionals and organizations with life-affirming values.
•    Taxpayers who do not want their tax dollars to fund the abortion industry.
•    Health professionals and organizations who could use federal funding to help provide services for family planning. 


  • Conscience protections enforced 

  • No required abortion referral or counseling* 

  • New funding partners sought

  • Parents involved in decisions about children

  • "Family planning" more broadly defined


The rule will help stop abuses by the abortion industry and others who under the old rule may have:


  • Used fungible federal funds to expand their abortion operations and did not physically separate abortion facilities and operations from Title X funds.

  • Used federal funds to lobby for, advocate for or routinely refer patients for abortion.

  • Declined to ask patients about or report suspected cases of abuse such as human trafficking, child abuse, child molestation, sexual abuse, rape, incest or intimate partner violence.

  • Not effectively involved parents and families in the healthcare of minor children.


*To apply for any exemption related to an abortion-related concern in prior Title X policies in effect until the new rule takes effect, contact the HHS Office for Civil Rights (Toll Free Call Center: 1-800-368-1019).

House Hearing
June 2019

On June 19, the Democrat-led House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Committee on Energy and Commerce held a hearing to oppose the new Title X reform and regulation. 

Americans United for Life testimony



- clinical regulations and statutory requirements

- to assist current and prospective grantees

- services, training, research, abortion prohibition

- where to start, what to do, what to avoid

- reforms to benefit patients and enforce the law

- with Title X program leader Dr. Diane Foley

- evidence-informed guidelines for services

Foley, Diane with flag.jpg
"Ten Truths about Title X" 

Charlotte Lozier Institute


Not your mother's family planning program

Several federal grants awarded under a recent Title X funding opportunity illustrate the current administration's determination to ensure that faith-based and pro-life clinics, hospitals, pregnancy centers and sexual risk avoidance programs...


The March for Life applauds HHS Secretary Azar and the Trump administration for protecting taxpayers from funding abortion through Title X. For ten years strong Marist polling indicates that the majority of Americans do not want their taxpayer dollars subsidizing abortion companies.

Jeanne Mancini, President, March For Life 

Review Title X grants from your home

...while gaining experience in federal grants


Consider applying to be a grant reviewer for federal Title X family planning grant applications.


Peer reviewers are vital to this process because they assist the federal government in awarding funds to only the most qualified applicants.


You may submit your credentials for consideration as a peer reviewer...

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